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Blue Springs house fire likely ignited by fireworks, leaving family’s home a total loss

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Firefighters say a neighbor’s fireworks are likely to blame for a house fire in Blue Springs over the weekend. It happened on Northeast 3rd Street. Family members said they believe the home is a total loss.

“There’s not one room that’s not completely destroyed,” said Chuck Coppenbarger, whose mother lived at the house.

Firefighters said neighbors reported another neighbor using fireworks. The woman who lived in the home was not inside at the time of the fire.

“Shame of them, quite frankly, again I said it a little earlier, irresponsible use of a firework, you just don’t know what kind of damage that you could cause somebody,” said Coppenbarger, who is just happy his mother was not hurt.

He said he is grateful to the first responders who were able to save some special family belongings.

“He walked out with the three casket flags that we had, one for my father and my grandfather and my uncle, that of course can’t be replaced,” he told FOX 4.

Firefighters are warning others that this is what happens when someone is irresponsible with fireworks.

“It’s sad that people spend a lot of money and they want to have a good time and they have their families come over and something like this happens,” said Eddie Saffell, with the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District. “They weren’t even the ones shooting them off, you know it was a neighbor that caused the problem.”

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