106-year-old fiddle is biggest loss for Dearborn, Mo. man after home is burglarized

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DEARBORN, Mo. -- Joseph Fedrizzi's life revolves around music. But after he came home last Wednesday on his lunch break the music came to a screeching halt.

"I got home and noticed this door was wide open just like this, noticed my garage door behind us was open." Fedrizzi said, "This couch was flipped over but I actually didn’t notice that until I noticed that the TV was gone and then right in front of my eyes, something you don’t see, the couch was flipped over, and everything was moved around. It was obvious someone had been in here and taken my stuff.​"

Fedrizzi said burglars broke into his home and took a number of valuable items such as his television, Playstation, and a handgun. But perhaps the most valuable thing they took was his grandfather's 1911 Joseph Geiger fiddle.

"The fiddle meant a lot to me because there is so much sentimental value, that my grandpa played and that’s how I got into it. He passed away when I was three but I can remember just bits and pieces of growing up at a young age and listening to him play," Fedrizzi said.

Fedrizzi said the 106-year-old fiddle has been in his family for years and is something money can not replace.

"Just to have something stolen that was so sentimental to you is just heartbreaking. I’d been playing that fiddle forever." Fedrizzi said, "You can go out and buy a new TV, buy a new Playstation, and yeah, you can go out and buy a new fiddle, but this one is just irreplaceable. You can’t put a number on sentimental value. That’s just something you carry with you and it just sucks."

Fedrizzi said he doesn't care who ransacked his home or why; he just wants a chance to play his family's memento again.

"Hell I don’t care, keep the other stuff whatever. I would just love to have that fiddle back. It means so much to me personally," Fedrizzi pleaded. "Sell it to a pawn shop and let me go get it or something."

Anyone with information on the fiddle should contact the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office.​