Northland neighbor kicks in window to help woman escape early morning house fire

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman is thankful to be alive after fire tore through her home in the Northland on Tuesday. The firefigthers who responded are frustrated there was a non-working fire plug at the scene in the area of 112th and N. Booth.

The homeowner talked with FOX 4's Kathy Quinn. She was in shock, but thankful, and nobody was hurt in the fire.

Around 3 a.m. a neighbor called 911. Tarik Strozier told FOX 4 that he was outside cleaning out his truck when he heard what sounded like fireworks, then he saw flames. He and another neighbor ran down to help.

Strozier said the flames were too much coming from the front of the house and the garage, so they went to the back of the house where he kicked in a window. The fire chief said they called the Liberty Fire Department for help because of the dead plug, firefighters hooked up about 1,000 feet down the block.

Neighbors are calling Strozier a hero.

"Didn't have time to think, just went and grabbed help, called 911 first, grabbed my neighbors and we ran down there. I cut my leg from kicking in the windows, but I'm fine," Strozier said.

"Firefighters are always wonderful, they do a great job. It's just the need to have their equipment working like anybody else does," the homeowner said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.