Westside residents to speeders: Drive like your kids live here

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the last couple of weeks, concerned parents and grandparents who live along Jarboe Street near West 27th in Kansas City's Westside neighborhood have had several stern messages for speeders.

"The people in those cars, the truckers in those big trucks, who shouldn't even be driving down our street, they all need to obey the 25 mile an hour posted sign and slow down!" said a frustrated Micaela Escareno, who's lived in the area for more than 40 years.

"They go a lot faster up and down this narrow, two-way street and we want to make sure they're aware there are smaller kids live here and I'm afraid something's going to happen, " said Anna Roseburrough, another longtime, Jarboe Street resident.

Residents said the speeding problem didn't let up on the Fourth of July. The parents and grandparents were worried about children outside lighting fireworks and playing at a nearby water park across from Alta Vista Middle School.

"The school has summer programs going on and when the school buses come through to drop off the kids, the speeders ignore the bus driver's sign and just speed by the buses. Plus, on the Fourth of July they didn't care that kids were out there, those people kept speeding through here, " said Micaela Escareno.

"The kids, you can't see them because they dart out between those big cars and so those drivers need to slow down and respect our neighborhood, " said Anna Roseburrough.

The frustrated citizens said two years ago they repeatedly asked the city to make Jarboe near West 27th a four-way stop or install speed bumps along the busy street, but to no avail.

"I went to the city with that and they came out to monitor the traffic zone and everything and they said to me that we didn't need it. I just don't understand how they could determine that, " said Anna Roseburrough, who said she and her neighbors are now organizing a new petition to submit to the city.

"If they don't do something to address this problem, my biggest fear is that one of these kids is going to get hit and even killed, " said Micaela Escareno.

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