Grandview woman fighting for her life after being run over during robbery

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- A Grandview woman is fighting for her life after trying to stop a robbery.  Police say someone tried to steal from a Metro PCS Store at 99th & Holmes last night around 8 p.m., and an employee went after them.

“It was terrible.  The most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Tammi Outland.

Tammi Outland is still trying to process what she saw outside her store Tuesday night.

“It was a normal night, about 10 minutes before close, I saw a car drive by. The driver’s side door was open, with a heavy set woman, and it looked like somebody trying to get at the driver’s side person, a fight in the front seat,” said Outland.

Seconds later, Tammi’s boyfriend came running into her store.

“Thank God he was outside.  He actually saw just about everything happen.  He's the one that ran up to my store and said to call 911,” Outland said.

When she came to the sidewalk, she saw her friend Aquaries Frazier on the ground, lifeless.

“She wasn't breathing.  She was blue in the face.  I just kind of freaked out and started crying,” said Outland.

Police and ambulances got there fast and took Aquaries to the hospital.  Investigators are now looking into how the two female suspects hurt Aquaries trying to get away.  Tammi Outland says her boyfriend thinks the pair hit her with their car.

“He said basically she was pushed over the car and ran over.  And when I got to her, she was just kind of curled up in a ball, not breathing, not moving,” said Outland.

Witnesses say the two black women drove off in a gold Chrysler 300.  Now, those who know Aquaries Frazier are praying she makes a full recovery.

“It was pretty scary.  Just hope she's okay,” said Outland.

Metro PCS does have surveillance cameras both inside and on the front of the store.  Police are now reviewing that footage for evidence, but are not yet releasing those images to the public.

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