Metro area companies join ‘Net Neutrality Day of Action’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thousands of companies participated in a Net Neutrality Day of Action on Wednesday, July 12. Many took a stance by adding pop-up's or banners on their website to educate the public about the issue.

Net neutrality is the concept of having free access to the internet. In 2015 the Federal Communications Commission or FCC introduced a set of regulations requiring internet service providers to grant access to all content or applications regardless of the source.

In May, the new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai introduced a proposal designed to scale back the existing net neutrality regulations.

Since the announcement many large companies like Google, Amazon and Twitter have spoken up in opposition of these proposed changes. In addition, concerned citizens and smaller companies have also joined in the effort to stop these proposed changes and promote awareness to the average consumer.

"As an attorney for tech startups that really makes a big deal to me because my clients are not going to be able to afford the rates to be in the fast lane. Inevitably what would happen is we would see less economic growth, and less competition in that area," said Chris Brown, Founder of Venture Legal in Kansas City.

Experts encourage people to research the issue to learn more about how it could affect you.

"I wrote to the FCC myself and came out in support of net neutrality because I think it’s that important. The internet has been such an amazing sharing of information and I don’t want that to change," said Kansas City, Missouri Resident Andrenna Taylor.

The FCC is accepting public comments on the matter through July 17th. Visit the following website to weigh in:

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