Church gets school supplies for every Blue Springs kindergartner

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- If you’re a parent, you know buying school supplies can get pretty pricey this time of  year. Thankfully, a lot of organizations are out there to help. One metro church is going above and beyond, stocking up every first-time student in Blue Springs.

Epic Church is preparing an epic giveaway for the start of school. Last year, the church, located in the Blue Springs district, adopted an entire kindergarten class of 75 students.

“We heard so many encouraging stories from that. We’re like, ‘you know what? Go big or go home,’” said Bobby Hawk, lead pastor of Epic Church.

So this year, the church and its partner coffee shop decided to take on getting school supplies for every single kindergartner across 13 Blue Springs elementary schools, along with a special education center, and a district daycare—1,200 students in all.

“You just realize maybe we’re making a small impact, a small difference in somebody’s life that could use it right now,” Hawk said.

The church is even taking it a step further, to check off teacher wish lists for their classrooms.

It’s a gift that comes straight from the heart. Pastor Bobby Hawk grew up with a single mom who could’ve used donations, but wasn’t always willing to ask. So rather than single out any one student or school, the church wanted to help every kid.

“We don’t want to let the excuse that we can’t do it for everyone, stop us from helping anyone,” said Hawk.

The church has been blown away by the community’s generosity to make the epic $20,000 gift a reality, and it hopes the good deed will inspire others to give back.

“We feel like it’s really cool to see people come together around a common cause and make a difference,” said Hawk.

In a couple of weeks, the church will host a packing party, then hand deliver all the supplies to the schools just in time for the first day of class Aug. 16.