Mayor of Raytown declares July 19 “Mama’s Family” Day in honor of Vickie Lawrence’s visit to KC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Vicki Lawrence is an accomplished singer, pro at conquering the pyramid, but to millions of people she'll be forever known as "Mama" from the show "Mama's Family," which was set in Raytown.

After discovering that Lawrence had never actually been to Raytown, FOX 4 decided to bring the city to her.

During her visit to the FOX 4 Morning Show, the Mayor of Raytown, Mike McDonough, surprised Lawrence with a proclamation declaring July 19 "Mama's Family Day." You can watch the moment of surprise in the video player above.

In addition to performing over the years, Lawrence has become a spokesperson for a form of chronic hives. She says the condition, although not curable, is manageable.