Shawnee’s The Doll Cradle is where damaged dolls go to heal and be restored

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Did you know that one of the only doll hospitals in the Midwest is right here in the metro?

It's a place you can take your broken dolls to get fixed.

The Doll Cradle off Johnson Drive and Neiman Road in Shawnee has been around for 47 years. They sell all kinds of dolls.

Some of the older ones go for thousands of dollars, and many of them mean a lot to their owners.

They also fix broken dolls. Whether the doll was hurt in a fire, a flood or is in need of a good cleaning, many customers come here to get them fixed.

They even do body part transplants and have the motto, "some dolls must die so others can live."

"We have a team of experts and everyone has their own special expertise," the owner of The Doll Cradle, Connie Harrell, said. "So we have people to paint, we have people who do their hair, and everybody is very knowledgeable about their job so we get the estimate to the person about what it's going to be and then we take it right to that craftsman to do that."

They have hundreds of dolls in the back waiting to get fixed, so it can sometimes take up to a year for them to return the more valuable dolls.