Thieves on the loose after crashing stolen truck into house

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are searching for two suspected thieves who got away Wednesday after crashing a stolen pick-up truck into someone's living room.

It happened around 8:30 a.m. at 102nd Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard.

A National Guardsman, who's being deployed to Afghanistan next week, reported the truck stolen Tuesday.

He also posted a description of it on Facebook.

Pickup truck crashes into home near 102nd and Blue Ridge

Little did he know that the power of social media would pay off big time.

The Guardsman, who did not want to appear on camera, says he received a message Wednesday morning telling him his truck had been spotted.

He and a relative came out in another truck and saw two men loading the bed of his stolen truck.

They called 911. But because police were dealing with a carjacking and chase somewhere else, the two say they waited on hold for about three minutes.

During that time they say the two suspected thieves spotted them and took off.

The Guardsman followed, only to find his truck smashed into the front of a house at the corner of 102nd Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard, where Kenneth James says he was rudely awakened in his bedroom by the crash.

"I came downstairs and I saw that the living room was caved in a little bit," said James. "I came outside and I saw the truck was embedded. I went to see if anybody was hurt but it was a stolen truck and the guy took off. He had lost control and ran into the living room."

James is thankful no one was hurt, but says he never got a look at the two suspects. Police say they disappeared into some woods nearby.

The Guardsman tells FOX 4 he's just happy to get his truck back before he's deployed overseas.

The Guardsman also wanted to thank the person who alerted him on social media to the truck's location. Everyone involved now wants the thieves caught so they won't cause so much turmoil again in the lives of law abiding citizens.

Pickup truck crashes into home near 102nd and Blue Ridge