Two injured hawks recovering at Lakeside Nature Center

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It was a first for one local animal control officer. He rescued a red-tailed hawk on the side of the road.

A red-tailed hawk was found injured on Ward Parkway.

Now this red-tailed hawk is at the Lakeside Nature Center recovering.

Over the weekend, a driver hit the hawk on Ward Parkway. The crash left the animal with injuries to its shoulder and head. Unable to fly, it was not hard for animal control to capture the hawk.

"It didn't move. It didn't put up any fight or resistance," Arthur Baker, a supervisor with Animal Health & Public Safety, said.

The Nature Center is optimistic the hawk will recover.

Another hawk was found injured.

That hawk will have some company.

Animal control officers found another injured hawk this afternoon near 43rd and Main. This hawk is now also at the Lakeside Nature Center recovering. It has a suspected spinal injury.