Metro family left losing its cool after getting caught in limbo with busted refrigerator

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A bright blue ice chest sits on the floor of the Straub family’s newly remodeled home – just feet from their refrigerator. Its presence is a constant reminder that their brand new, $1,450, stainless steel LG refrigerator stopped working more than a month ago.

The $50 ice chest is the only thing keeping their food cold.

“We started noticing when everything started defrosting,” said Daniel Straub of that fateful day in June. “ The next day the refrigerator stopped as well.”

The broken refrigerator was a shock for this Kansas City family of six . They had purchased it just 10 months earlier when their kitchen was remodeled.
Straub called LG Appliances for help since the refrigerator was still under warranty. LG agreed to repair the refrigerator for free – but there was a catch.

“They said they couldn’t be out for a whole week,” Straub said.

So the Straub family patiently waited.

“They finally came,” he said referring to the repair guy. “He opened up the back and said the compressor was broken.”

A new compressor had to be ordered. That took another week, but after it was installed “the refrigerator still didn’t work,” Straub said.

The Straubs then submitted a claim to LG for a new refrigerator – as promised per the warranty. It took yet another week before they heard back from LG.
Their claim was denied. LG told the Straubs they would have to wait for a second repair company to try and fix that broken fridge.

Oh and that new repair guy? He would not be available for at least another week.

At that point, the very patient Straubs – had run out of patience.

“I’m really frustrated,” said Straub, who said he hadn’t had to survive so long without a refrigerator since he was on active duty in Iraq. “I don’t think LG stood by their product and their warranty.”

The Straubs also had had no luck getting help from Nebraska Furniture Mart – where they bought the refrigerator.

“They said they couldn't do anything because I didn't purchase the after- market warranty,” Straub said.

That excuse made no sense, since the Straubs refrigerator was still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers called LG and left multiple messages. While we were waiting for a reply, we paid a visit to Nebraska Furniture Mart, which immediately promised to contact LG on the Straub family’s behalf and get this problem solved.

Not long after that, Problem Solvers also got a call from LG. An LG spokesman apologized for the Straub’s saga. He said it should never have happened and that the Straubs would be given a new refrigerator this week.