New community crime group called ‘The Code’ holds first meeting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The numbers are staggering. Thursday Kansas City police began their 82nd homicide investigation of the year. There had been 55 homicides at this point last year, a year that turned out to have the highest total in a decade.

"Crime is just everywhere, so police have got their work cut out for them, but the thing is how can we assist them and embrace them in their movement?" Ron Hunt said.

Kansas City Police Colonel Karl Oakman met with the newly established community crime fighting group The Code Thursday to discuss the homicide rate.

"It`s gotten to where some of these neighborhoods it is acceptable behavior," Col. Oakman said.

The Code wants to bring back a tradition of AdHoc Group Against Crime, when they used to have monthly meetings with police and residents about crime.
Meanwhile police say more monthly walks through neighborhoods are planned, like the first one along Indian Creek trail last month.

"It`s all about us being visible and telling people We are not going to tolerate continued bloodshed in the neighborhood," Col. Oakman said.

They'll head to Hilltop Apartments next week where small children have shot each other on two different occasions recently. They'll be handing out gun locks and ice cream. In August they'll head to the Northland.

Then it will be up to the Kansas City's next police chief to decide whether he wants to continue the new community policing program.

Earlier Thursday Major Rick Smith of the Kansas City, Mo., Police Dept., and Chief Keith Humphrey of Norman, Oklahoma Police Dept. were announced as finalists for the position.