New regulations coming for people looking to rent their property in KCMO

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Homeowners looking to rent out their property in Kansas City, Mo., will soon have to get a permit and abide by new regulations.

Think Air B&B and other short terms property rentals. Technically, folks who are making money on eclipse visitors or people in town for a Royals or Chiefs weekend are actually breaking the law with their short term rentals.

City leaders say at this point, the law is not being enforced basically because it's outdated. At an open house Wednesday night, permit fees, time limits, and contracts were discussed for those opening their doors to renters.

The city says as the sharing economy grows, it wants to balance the rights of property owners and protect the character of the neighborhoods where folks are renting.

The current permit proposal is two tiered. One for those who live in their homes the majority of the year and one for those who buy properties simply for the short term rentals.

"It's a complicated issue that requires a lot of education, and so we would like to inform people why we got to where we did now and what we took into consideration," said Kate Garman, Kansas City, Mo., innovation policy advisor.

"Nobody has noticed anyone coming and going in the neighborhood or they certainly haven't told us, and it's usually on the weekends and we've had families and we've had singles and we've had business people," added property manager Viki Vogli.

Plenty more discussion is expected at the next city planning commission meeting, it takes place August 15, when the proposed ordinance gets reviewed.