Two teens charged with Sugar Creek gas station shooting

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SUGAR CREEK, Mo. — Two 17-year-olds are charged in a shooting early Monday morning at a gas station on U.S. 24 Highway in Sugar Creek.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker charged Christopher Clemons, 17, of Independence and Juan Wrinkle, 17, for Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

According to court records, Sugar Creek Police were dispatched to the Express Mart on U.S. 24 Hwy in Sugar Creek on reported shots fired.

The victims in a vehicle that was shot described the suspect vehicle and occupants. The vehicle was tracked to Wrinkle’s home. Wrinkle stated he fired the weapon and police later recovered it and ammunition. Police also heard statements from Clemons that he fired the weapon.

Investigators say this exchange between the suspects was recorded in the jail:

Juan – “I’m in here because I set the whole thing up.”
Christopher – “I’ve got 5k at home.”
Juan – “They told me no bondsman because we shot someone.”
Christopher – “What the ****, I did.”
Juan – “Did you get rid of that?”
Christopher – “**** no.”
Juan – “Dumbie! We have to tell them it was self-defense.”
Christopher – “Either you shoot first or you get shot.”
Juan – “Chris… Tell it to them how we talked about.”
Christopher – “I don’t talk to cops I ain’t no snitch!”
Juan – “I think *redacted* or *redacted* already told them.”
Christopher – “*Redacted* is dead when I see him I don’t give a ****!”

Prosecutors have requested a bond of $150,000 for Clemons and $100,000 for Wrinkle.