Clay County sheriff’s deputy who is an artist by night has new, colorful outlook on life

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A sheriff's deputy by day, artist by night. Craig Greco recently got a gift that's helping him in all aspects of his life after receiving special glasses for his color blindness.

“I struggled with it all through school. I had no idea I was colorblind, but I suffered in art class every year,” said Greco.

When Greco isn't protecting and serving Clay County, you can find him perfecting his art.

“I airbrush anything from canvases and race cars to kitchen aid mixers and shoes, just about anything,” he said.

But it wasn't until he went in for a physical for a law enforcement job that he found out he was colorblind.

“A lot of difficulty deciphering reds, oranges, blues, and purples” Greco said.

But the self-taught airbrush artist and sheriff`s deputy got the gift of a lifetime for his 35th birthday -- an idea that a family friend and his wife of almost seven years came up with together.

“He likes to surprise me for my birthday, he`s kind of a big planner, he likes to do extravagant things, and she said hey, let`s do something for his 35th birthday,” said his wife, Alison.

They discussed videos they`ve seen about colorblind glasses.

“He`s been dying to save up for them, he wanted to get his own,” added Alison.

They created a private Facebook event and got friends and family to donate.

“On his birthday, we took him outside and surprised him with the glasses, and a couple of kiddie books that showed different colors so that he could see everything,” said Alison.

“It was just overwhelming. The colors all look like they`re in HD now,” Craig said.

“It was so cool. I was experiencing him experience something he has never done before,” added Alison.

Since then, Craig has rarely taken off his $420 EnChroma glasses, which help him in both of his passions:

“I can decipher the colors, and I can see the blends that I couldn`t see before,” said Craig, “Vehicle descriptions, suspect descriptions, clothing, it helps in so many different ways, it`s difficult to explain. I`ll never take the colors for granted, because every time I take them off, I`m back to not seeing colors as they should be.”

For more information about the glasses, click this link.

You can also see more of Greco’s artwork if you visit Eye Candy Illustrations on Facebook and Instagram.

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