Adam’s Mark guest says hotel didn’t do enough when storm knocked out power

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An Iowa woman said her stay in Kansas City turned into a nightmare as the lobby of the hotel she stayed in got drenched during Saturday's storm.

Towels line the floor inside the Adam's Mark Hotel to sop up water during the storm.

She and her husband are expecting a refund from the Adam's Mark hotel, near Kauffman Stadium. She said no power and no help from staff made their stay miserable. The general manager said the opposite; that he and his staff did all they could for guests during and after the storm.

Laura Hill drove in to watch the White Sox play the Royals last weekend. She said the Adam's Mark lobby was lined with dozens of people when she got to Kansas City Saturday afternoon. Hill said, "That was an inconvenience but it was nothing compared to what was to come, which we obviously didn’t know at the time."

Though the lines to check in were long, she said what happened when the power went after the game is what concerned her. Hill said, "It was scary. You didn’t know if the ceiling was going to come in. There was no management telling us anything. None of the staff was telling us anything."

Laura Hill stayed at the Adam's Mark the night of the storm.

Adam's Mark General Manager Jason Milbradt said the opposite happened.

He said he called in his management team and that his staff did a great job, considering the hotel was booked near capacity. Milbradt said, "All hands were on deck, everybody was here. And every guest that had a question was facilitated as best we could." He said an emergency generator powered the elevators, the ballroom, and some hallways. He also said the staff set up drink stations.

Hill said water "was just everywhere. It was everywhere. It was coming in windows, it was coming in doors, it was coming from the ceiling, and it was all over."

Hotel guests wait in long lines to check-in as the storm caused other problems at the hotel.

Milbradt said straight line winds blew the magnetic doors open, which allowed water to soak the lobby. That's why, he said, staff put towels out. "We couldn't get it mopped fast enough, my staff grabbed towels, everything possible to stop the water from flowing," said Milbradt.

The general manager said Monday his staff is working to call all 325 guests back who left names and phone numbers, and the hotel is offering discounted stays for the future. Hill said she hasn't received her call.

Milbradt admits there were a few leaks from a storm in June that staff was working to repair. Hill said she reported the hotel to the Kansas City Public Health Department.

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