Although their salaries rank in bottom 10 nationwide, many local teachers say they wouldn’t change their career

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Teacher salaries in Kansas and Missouri barely make a passing grade when compared to other states, but when it comes to their dedication to teaching, salary doesn't matter.

Fox 4's Kathy Quinn spoke with several teachers on both sides of the state line, and many didn't realize their salaries were in the bottom 10 nationwide. But what they said was that they didn't get into teaching for the money.

Nationwide Kansas is ranked at number 42, while Missouri is 41st out of the 50 state ranking. Of course, there are several factors

When it comes to salary, things such as experience and education, the cost of living all play a role. Some districts have better benefits packages to make up for the salary.

According to numbers from the NEA--on the Missouri side, Blue Springs tops the list for the average annual salary.

In Kansas it's close with KCK topping the list. One teacher Kathy Quinn spoke with actually left a higher paying corporate job to teach.

"It is frustrating," Katey Walz said. "I think most people would say they would like to make more money regardless of what career they're in, and of course it would be nice to be paid more, but that would never make me leave the teaching profession."

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