Dozens of businesses unable to operate at Ward Parkway Center due to power outage

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thirty businesses in the Ward Parkway Center still remain without power since storms over the weekend, which means no business until power is restored.

“I was trying to go to lunch at Firehouse Subs, I`m working next door,” said Michael Petentler, a customer.

Customers trying to grab a quick bite to eat were surprised to find "closed" signs when they walked through the Ward Parkway Shopping Center on Monday.

“Now I`ve got to go somewhere else,” Petentler said.

A transformer blew after the storms Saturday night, and 30 businesses still remain without power.

“I didn`t know they were closed today, we usually have group chat meetings and they usually notify us when things go wrong, and I just didn`t check the group chat today,” said Quincy Watson, who works at the Sprint store -- one of the businesses in the middle section of the shopping center still out of commission.

He says no one warned him about the power problem and was a little confused when he showed up for his shift:

“Why is the door closed? And why is that down? And I know I was supposed to work today so why is it closed? I don`t understand why no one is here. I was shocked, like what do I do now?” Watson said.

A spokesman for the center says the stores lost two days of business, but Kansas City Power & Light plans to be there on Monday night, hoping businesses can be back up and running Tuesday. But for now, customers and employees are still left in the dark.

“Still got to get paid, all these businesses, all these stores, people have to work. So it`s just like, what are we going to do now? When do they open back up? How many days am I going to be off?” Watson added.

KCP&L says it has been working around the clock trying to get power restored to everyone still without it.

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