Power crews nearing the end of restoration efforts, but say complex fixes still lie ahead

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FAIRWAY, Kan. -- Crews have been hard at work across the metro trying to restore power to everyone who lost it over the weekend.  At the height of this outage Kansas City Power and Light says it had about 140,000 customers without power.

The goal was to have 90-percent of those customers restored by Monday night. Folks all over the metro have been staying cool any way they can, as power crews from various companies worked on power lines.

“We just leave once in a while and go to places that have air, or we sit in the car a little bit. The kids are in the back in the pool. Just trying to stay as cool as we can,” said Erica Gross of Independence.

Some businesses like the Hy-Vee on Martway in Mission are dealing with the impact of the outage. The store had to throw away a large supply of items like meat, and ice cream after coolers went down.

“It’s terrible to see that there’s waste, but also you have to do that because your customers are going to inspect integrity and quality when they get it home,” said store director Chris Wiltfong.

KCP&L senior director of operations Jamie Kiely says the company hears those frustrations loud and clear.

“We care about you. We know you’re out there. We’re taking the biggest numbers and groups at a time and we’re working our way through it. We won’t stop until everybody’s on,” said Kiely.

He says there’s a crew of more than 1,000 workers, some from out-of-state, working to restore power.

He says there is an end in sight, but the end is usually the part where crews will need those in the dark to have a little more patience.

“Restoration starts to get a little bit slower here towards the end. It gets more complex,” said Kiely.

“We get into the backyards and we’re moving around fences and backyards and moving pulls by hand, and the work becomes very manual,” Kiely continued.

Efforts to get all customers restored could go into Wednesday.

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