Residents and crews continue cleaning up the mess & making repairs hours after storms

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- It's been a busy weekend for people across the metro as they continue cleanup before heading back to work.

As of Monday morning, more than 25,000 people are still without power, more than 30 hours since the storm. This is down from the more than 100,000 people Saturday evening.

Kansas City Power and Light says they are calling in crews from other states to help, but they are asking for your patience.

GALLERY: Tree damage shows force of Saturday night storm

"It is how widespread the outage is," Doug Wood said. "We had 10 inches of snow a couple years back, and it was out almost this widespread but not quite to this degree."

Wood told Fox 4 has been using a hand towel dipped in cold water to keep cool, but adds if temperatures continue to climb, he will consider staying in a hotel.

Cities offer free brush drop-offs as storm clean-up continues

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