Waldo neighbors want semi-trailer they call an ‘eyesore’ removed from lawn

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Neighbors living in the Waldo neighborhood are complaining about a big eyesore.

One set of homeowners parked a 52-foot semi truck trailer on their lawn, and neighbors want it moved out. People living in the Waldo Towers Neighborhood near 72nd Street and Main say they fear the house on the corner is filled with junk, after seeing a man park the big rig trailer on Thursday evening. Three homeowners told FOX 4 News they've complained to the city about the trailer, and the overall condition of the home, and it's not the first bad report about that house.

"I'm concerned that it's going to stay there," Scott Brake, who lives only a few houses from the house, said.

Brake says when he saw the trailer being parked on the home's lawn, he says his fellow homeowners feared it might add to the clutter outside that house.

"Neighbors are aware of the house, and they'd like to see it be a little more clean," Brake said on Monday.

Residents complained to FOX 4 News they've watched as the home's side yard has filled up with junk, most of which is construction material, such as timbers and discarded furniture. Now, the big semi truck trailer is parked on the home's lawn, which, according to Kansas City Codes Enforcement spokesperson John Baccala, is a violation of city code. City records show the homeowner in question has been cited more than 20 times for offenses ranging from improper storage to unlicensed cars.

"If (the trailer) is here to be used, and to clean up the property, if someone's going to be moving, I can understand why it's here. If it's not here to be used, it needs to be moved," Brake said.

Kansas City 311 records show a series of complaints about the cluttered home dating back to 2015. At least two complaints were filed on Monday concerning the presence of the trailer.

"There's no movement, and nobody really knows why it's there," Angie Lile, president of the Waldo Towers Neighborhood Association, told FOX 4 News.

Lile, who was elected to her position in December, says homeowners are frustrated with the condition of this home. Most of Waldo Towers is a well-kept middle class neighborhood. Lile says the house at 72nd Street and Main is an exception, and neighbors demand action.

"In this case, I believe the neighbors have already tried, and they feel somewhat threatened in ways by the situation and the person involved," Lile said.

Current Kansas City tax records show the home is owned by a woman from Prairie Village, Kansas. She didn't return FOX 4 News' calls, and no one answered the door at her address in Johnson County, Kan. Neighbors say that owner allows a friend to store items there, and the owner may not be aware of a bad situation.

Baccala says a codes enforcement inspector will be at that address on Tuesday to look into the trouble. Lile says she hopes this situation can be solved via cooperation instead of legal action.

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