You only need three things to make these yarn tassels

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Looking for a cheap, easy way to add some color and fun to your gifts or home?  Tamara Hudson with Encore Unique Boutique stopped by FOX 4 Monday, July 24 with a how-to guide for making tassels.

How to make a yarn tassel

1. Yarn
2. Scissors
3. Clipboard or Book

How to make yarn tassels to add to a bed skirt:

1. Pick out your yarn.

2. You need something flat to wrap the yarn around for the basic shape / length of the tassels, a clip board or book works great.

3. First cut 2 pieces of yarn for tying off the tassel. 1 piece 10 inches. 1 piece about 4 inches.

4. Start forming the tassel by holding the end of the yarn with one hand on one edge of the clip board or book. Use your other hand to wrap the yarn around approximately 18 times.

* careful not to wrap too tight *

5. Cut the piece of yarn on the same edge of the clipboard or book as you started on.

6. Take the 10 inch piece of yarn and thread it underneath your wrapped yarn. Pull to the opposite edge that your cut pieces are and tie a tight knot.

7. Now pull the yarn off of the clipboard or book.

8. Hold the tied end in one hand and use the scissors to cut the loops at the untied end.

9. Fluff it all out a bit.

10. Use the 4 inch piece of yarn and tie around the top of the tassel approximately 1 inch down from the top where you tied off the first knot.

11. Voila! You have a tassel. Now hold it up and trim ends to make it even.

12. Attach to any bedskirt for a personailed designer look.

Different yarn widths, lengths and how many times you wrap around your clipboard or book will result in all different size tassels.

Other uses for tassels:
Gift wrapping
Boho wall art
Key chains
Possibilities are ENDLESS!

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