Ponak’s party crashers now ID’d, working with attorneys to resolve situation

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two young women accused of crashing a car into a popular Mexican restaurant earlier this month have now been named, thanks to a large following on social media.

KCPD put up a picture of the two women Monday and the response was overwhelming -- many people named the women or posted where they live. FOX 4 isn't naming them yet because they haven't been charged, but Megan Dillard spoke with the pair Tuesday afternoon.

Ponak's General Manager John Greer said the picture posted by Kansas City Police helped officers figure out who crashed into his restaurant earlier this month. He said, "I heard it was very quick and they were able to find the girls from social media and the response from it and people calling in."

Though repair costs are looking like $200,000 and he does have insurance, Greer wanted to clear up some of the misinformation he's seen online. Greer said, "A lot of people think that they went all the way through my restaurant, and it wasn’t all the way through. It was just the exterior wall."

FOX 4 talked with those women Tuesday. One of them told Megan Dillard she was cleared of charges because she wasn't in the car. The other said, as a server herself, she never purposely meant to damage the building, and if her attorney would let her, she'd apologize publicly to Greer herself.

The picture generated hundreds of comments and tweets. The women said many of them are attacking; some even suggested the pair kill themselves. Greer said, "Facebook can work both ways in our day and age. I would not condone in any way people telling these girls to commit suicide."

Greer said police told him the women are cooperating and he appreciates the online help, but he doesn't support the dark side of social media. "I’m really sorry on the negative aspects on it. I hope that nothing will come of that."

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