Vandals torch truck and spray-paint racial slurs at Kansas City freight business

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "Man, it was crazy. I drove in around 11 Monday night from St. Louis and when I pulled into the parking lot I could still see those firefighters on the scene and then I saw the racist stuff all over the trucks," said Percy Smith, a driver at Kareem Transportation near North Cambridge and Universal Avenue in northeast Kansas City.

Police say vandals set a box truck, parked behind Serpro Logistics Freight Hauling Company on fire and also sprayed racial slurs on the hoods and the sides of two other trucks and van.

Percy Smith occasionally drives for Serpro. He was disgusted after seeing the offensive remarks sprawled across the company's trucks and huge, front glass window.

"Years ago back in the 60's man I would've been pissed off, but today this is just a lot of ignorance and there's no sense of me getting all bent out of shape about it. Whoever did this is a coward honestly," added Smith.

"I don't have any safety concerns, but I just started working next door at Kareem Transportation and I hope this doesn't really mean anything. It's just ignorance," said Wyshaud Smith.

Meantime, on Tuesday a Serpro employee didn't want to talk to FOX 4's Robert Townsend on camera as the worker left the northeast Kansas City business. The worker did say Serpro has about 20 contracted drivers and right now its owner is still adding up all the costly damage.

Percy Smith and Wyshaud Smith say two other businesses were vandalized during the late night crimes.

Police are now reviewing video from a security camera at a nearby business, hoping the video will lead them to the vandals.

"I just hope they do catch whoever did this because they messed up a company's vehicles and destroyed a lot of property around here. I mean that's not right," said a frustrated Wyshaud Smith.

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