With the need for blood and donors at a premium, metro banks see fewer of both

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Cathy Donahue is making her routine trip to the blood bank to ensure she continues to help those that will need it the most.

"It’s absolutely worth it if you know how important and how serious the need is in the community and how important the donation you make is to somebody else," Donahue said.

It's a good thing that she does because blood banks around the metro are seeing fewer donors and are getting less blood at a time when both are at a premium.

David Graham, the executive director of the Community Blood Center, said they provide blood to 65 hospitals and their supply is near critical levels.

"We are concerned our inventories are too low and that if a large emergency were to arise that we might not have the product needed to treat everybody," Graham said. "We like to have a five to seven day supply of blood, of all different blood types, and during the summer time we’ll see that drop down to a two or three-day supply."

Graham said if the supply doesn't increase, hospitals will be forced to scale back on the type of procedures they do.

"If we continue to see the decrease in donations or people forget to donate, it could put us in a predicament of hospitals having to put off elective surgeries and those kinds of things," he said.

But that's something Donahue hopes her donations can prevent and hopes others will step up before it's too late.

"They have hours in the evening, they have hours on Saturday and Sunday, they are even open on the holidays," she said. "It’s really not an excuse to say you don’t have time."

Click this link for more information from the Community Blood Center.

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