High tech coffee mug keeps your drink at the perfect temperature

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A company called Ember makes a high tech heating mug that keeps your coffee at your perfect temperature the entire time you're drinking it.

Clay Alexander is a lively guy. The CEO of Ember Technologies lights up with enthusiasm when you ask him about his latest invention: a coffee mug that heats up.

Ember's first product is a connected coffee mug with a built in heating element, Bluetooth and enough sensors to run a small home. Pour some coffee in and the unit goes to work. It automatically senses the temperature of the drink and cools it down to your desired level and keeps it there.

Alexander came up with the idea several years ago. Early prototypes were crude, but the basic idea has remained the same. Make coffee drinkable from the first sip to the last.

Ember's first mug is sleek - the kind of product Apple itself might design. There are no buttons, no gaudy dials and it looks and feels like a regular mug. Way less bulky than I had imagined. Alexander says that's because he insisted on hiring engineers who have previously worked on cell phones - they knew how to cram a bunch of tech into a tight space.

Coffee is generally served at around 160 degrees - way too hot for consumption. So people spend the first few minutes waiting for it to cool down to a reasonable temperature. Then, a few great sips and it begins the quick descent into the cold.

But not if you pour your drink into an Ember mug. The bottom doubles as a dial - turn it and an invisible digital screen magically comes to life. Here, you can see the current temperature of your drink. Just turn the dial to lock in your perfect temperature.


When Starbucks began to sell the mugs in some of their stores, they couldn't keep them on the shelves. The $150 mug would sell out almost immediately. It created a buzz for the mug, which began its life on Indiegogo. They are now available on Amazon.

Still, a $150 heated coffee mug is a big sell to a lot of people who are perfectly fine with their Thermos or paper cups. That's why Alexander is selling up the finer aspects of a perfect cup of joe.


The company has a lot in the pipeline. First, a line of Ember mugs in various colors. Later, applying the same Ember warming technology to various things, like baby bottles.

Nobody should suffer through that final cold, cruel sip - now, they don't have to.

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