Johnson County firefighters hose down volunteers for HAZMAT training

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- If you think it's hot outside, we've found an unusual way to cool off.

Johnson County Emergency workers are taking part in a special training Wednesday afternoon, and as part of the training, they're dousing volunteers with water.

At Fire Station 72, emergency workers are completing mandatory hazmat training, specifically learning how to deal with chemical exposures.

As part of the process, they're dousing volunteers with water. The scenario: a group of people were enjoying a picnic when a crop duster flew overhead and accidentally dropped a chemical on them.

It's up to the emergency workers to determine what the chemical is and how to best treat the victims.

First responders say it's critical training and they're thrilled to have citizens as volunteers.


"We always prepare for the worst and this is it. Hopefully we never have to use something like this, but we're ready to respond if we have to. It's just a partnership that's gonna take more than the Shawnee Fire Department or Johnson County Med Act, we have to work together as a team," said Corey Sands, Fire Marshal for Shawnee Fire Department. "It's good to get the public involved. This is their fire department and their ambulances. We want them to understand what our equipment can do and for them to have a better awareness."

Emergency workers will train again Thursday and Friday, but said they have all the volunteers they need.

They hope to have another training involving the public in the future.