KCK residents still without power worry as future storms loom

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- With more potential storms on the horizon, and some people still without power from Saturday’s storm, many are worried their current situation might be prolonged.

“Hell. It’s been rough. It’s been really tough, especially when you have kids to take care of, and there’s no air. We do what we can to keep going and stay cool and stuff,” said Shakisha Williams, who is still without power.

“It’s been bad!” said Theresa Cochran, also without power.

People living in this Kansas City, Kan. neighborhood said they lost power Saturday night around 10 p.m.

“I think it was a tornado or something; it was just commotion everywhere. It came out of nowhere,” Williams said.

Now, days later, they said they’re doing the best they can to stay cool, and calm.

“I come outside and sit. Drink plenty of water,” Cochran added.

“It could be like 92 degrees in there,” Williams said about her house.

They said they are aware of more potential storms tonight, but are trying to remain positive.

“I’m just hoping that it’s not going to be like it was Saturday,” Williams said.

“That’s all you can do: deal with it the best you can,” Cochran said.

Many homeowners said they've had to toss much of their food, and sleeping in this heat is unbearable.

“We might have to just go to a hotel,” Williams said. “I really want BPU to just get it together. It should have run smoothly, should have been done way better than this.”

Many people who spoke to FOX 4’s Melissa Stern said the Red Cross has been amazing -- dropping off water, food, and helping where they can. Everyone is just hoping their power comes back sooner rather than later.