New study shows KC has diverse and inclusive business and organization

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City businesses and organizations are committed to diversity and inclusion --that’s the take away from a survey the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce released Wednesday morning.

The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce contracted with Resource Development Institute to conduct the online study.  Survey items were modeled after the 2016 Inclusive Workplace Culture Survey conducted by the Tulsa Regional Chamber, and consisted of checklist, Yes/No, 5-point Likert scale (strongly agree to strongly disagree), and open-ended questions.

In regard to areas where the local business community shows strong diversity and inclusion, the study says senior management shows an active commitment to diversity and inclusion in recruitment, hiring, and employee professional development. The study adds that the commitment is reflected in everyday operation.

The study also says there’s a strong work place setting for diversity and inclusion in Kansas City.

Kansas City’s businesses and organizations also scored strongly in equity and support. They serve a diverse clientele, and they support diversity and inclusion in the community by engaging in public awareness communication and advocacy.

The areas that show opportunity for improvement when it comes to diversity and inclusion include the 43-percent of companies and organizations that do not have a formal diversity and inclusion policy.

Also, according to the study, half the companies lacked diversity in leadership.

There could be improvement in actions supporting diversity and inclusion throughout the year

And finally, most companies did not have a referral process for accommodations or services.

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KC Business Community Diversity & Inclusion Efforts:

 Areas of Strength


--Every day operation

--Workplace Setting

--Equity & Support

--Diverse clientele

--D & I in the community


Areas for Improvement

--D & I Policy/Plan/Statement

--Diversity in Leadership

--Actions supporting D & I Throughout the Year

--Internal policies providing equity and support