I-35 at Lamar shuts down: Water pooling on interstates and roads

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- High water is creating a mess on I-35, I-70, 291 Highway southbound, to name just a few.

FOX 4 reporters out in the rain can't stress enough how quickly you can find yourself surrounded by unexpected water.

FOX 4's Rob Collins was there at I-35 after one man had to swim away from his car, to avoid getting swept away himself.

Early Thursday morning, I-35, I-70 and 291 Highway southbound near 150 Highway all shutdown.  At about 6:00 a.m., NB I-35 reopened at Lamar but SB I-35 remained closed from Lamar to Roe due to high water. The situation on the highways and interstates continues to change. Watch our newscast livestream for consistent updates. Click here for the fox4kc.com livestream.

"I never been in a situation like this before. I'm from California, so this, I mean I've never been like this before. It was really bad," the man said. "Water was up to my chest and I had to swim across. Good thing I can swim."

FOX 4 meteorologist Karli Ritter tracked the rainfall overnight.  In the last 24 hours, Olathe has had more than four inches of rain.

At Indian Creek, the flooding is historical. FOX 4's Karli Ritter collected the figures:

Thursday's record crest at 103rd & Wornall: 27.95'
Previous crest in June 2010: 25.5'

Today's record crest at 103rd & Metcalf: 17.97'
Previous crest in June 1984: 17.78'

Below are pictures on social media or sent to us by our viewers.