24 hours after devastating floods, south KC community and businesses continue cleanup

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One day after historic flooding in south Kansas City caused extensive damage to business, the cleanup continues Friday at 103rd and Wornall.

It’s still too early to tell when these businesses might re-open – if they will re-open.

Ultimately, a structural engineer will have to determine whether it is safe for these businesses like Coach's Bar and Grill to continue operating out of this building.

This part of town has dealt with flooding from Indian Creek for decades – Coach's employees told Fox 4 they’ve had at least six floods damage their restaurant since the 1980s, and yet they’ve been resilient, always bouncing back.

This time, though, they say the restaurant is a total loss.

One of the owner’s, whose father was murdered on the Indian Creek trail just two months ago, was rescued from the bar and grill Thursday morning when he and his co-owner ended up trapped in the attic space. Click here to replay that brave rescue. 

Brian Darby, who wasn't sure if he'd survive the flash flood, says he’s not sure if they can come back from this.

The flooding from Indian Creek caused many of the walls inside this strip wall to fall down as the floodwaters rose to about five feet high. This was the highest Indian Creek has ever risen – it crested at two and a half feet higher than the previous record.

Meteorologists say it was some of the worst flooding they’d ever seen, saying the thunderstorms dropped around 5-to-7 inches in parts of Kansas City within just a few hours.

Many in the area said they wish the city would do something with Indian Creek to alleviate flooding in the future, but right now it’s unclear if the city has any plans to fix this flooding problem.

Until something is done, flooding like Thursday's will always remain a threat.