Food truck Friday: Fox 4 tours Jovito’s Back Alley Grinders and enjoys a few samples

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If you meet the manager of Jovito's Back Alley Grinders, his name may sound familiar. That's because Alex Fiorella is a part of the well-known Fiorella family who has been cooking up delicious dishes all over town for years.

On Friday, July 28 Alex brought his food truck to the FOX 4 front lawn to give the crew a tour and let them sample a few of his favorite dishes.

Meatball Grinder Basket

This includes a Jovito's meatball with mozzarella cheese and red sauce inside a homemade Italian roll. This will be served in what we call a Meatball Grinder Basket with Parmesan Chips on the side.

Italian Beef Sandwich

This is a Chicago based sandwich that comes on our homemade Italian roll. The beef is thinly sliced from an eye of round cut that marinates in an au jus broth with Italian seasoning.

Once we load the beef onto the bread, we dunk the entire sandwich in the au jus and then spread giardineira peppers on top.

The giardineira peppers are in oil and somewhat spicy and include pickled celery, carrots, olives, and peppers.

This is also be served with Parmesan chips.

Cream Soda

Ice, blackberry syrup, club soda, and whipped cream.

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