Good Samaritan who became victim of a crime after KCK crash given gift of a lifetime

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The family of a young man who died in a fatal car crash in KCK surprised the good Samaritan who stopped to help him with the gift of a lifetime.

July 9, Jamesha Price heard the car crash on East 63rd and Rowland and rushed to the scene. Nicholas Cook, 18, who is accused of driving the stolen pickup that crashed and was the only survivor, jumped into Price’s SUV, took off, leaving Price and his four friends behind.

Price’s SUV was found by police several days later, trashed. For her good deed, Price ended up without transportation.

Cory Thornburg was one of the victims in that crash, and to say thank you, his family gave Price a minivan.

"We wanted to turn something so negative into something positive,” said Thornburg’s cousin Katie Stallsworth. “Our family can not thank you enough for having a beautiful soul and being a beautiful person.”

"It's amazing that even through all of this and the heartache they are experiencing right now that they are definitely willing to reach out and help,” said Price, sitting in the driver’s seat of her new car.

After almost a month of having to either go without, borrowing cars or begging for rides for her and her children, Price is on the road again.