Overland Park couple says dog is fighting for life after KCP&L’s careless mistake

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Six years ago Jessica Danon and her companion, Jared Anderson, couldn't resist a certain cute face and those bright, blue eyes.

"He was so cute and we knew we had to have him," said a smiling Jessica Danon.

She's talking about the Siberian Husky she and her partner later adopted and named Mowgli.

"Mowgli is such wonderful dog. He's full of energy. We call him our 'Boo-Woo Baby' because he loves to howl and talk to us like huskies do," boasted the proud mom.

However, the couple's beloved, four-legged friend is facing a fierce battle.

"We go up and down through the emotional roller-coaster that is having a loved one hurting and pain," added Jessica.

Jessica says on Tuesday morning Kansas City Power and Light workers were in her neighborhood near 82nd Street and Mackey restoring power to homes hit hard by last Saturday's severe storms.

"We saw them coming and going, but they never gave us any information that they would be in our yard after our power came back on Monday night. One of those guys left our side gate open and that's when everything happened," said a frustrated Danon.

Jessica says after checking out tree limbs that apparently fell on a power line over her backyard, a worker left her side gate open, and that's when she says Mowgli got free, was hit by a car and suffered severe bruising on his lungs.

"It's really hard to have one that's fighting for his life and you feel hopeless. The doctors did X-rays, put him on oxygen and didn't want us to get our hopes up yet. Mowglis' fighting and we're fighting to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else," said Jessica.

She also says their second husky, Shanti, escaped from the backyard, and attacked a neighbor's cat named, "Mim."

Mim died Thursday night.

"We were just crying in the car because we hate to hear the news that their cat didn't make it. It's just heartbreaking. We wanted to do something for them and that's why we paid all of Mim's vet bills," said Jared Anderson.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for KCP&L says Friday that its vice-president apologized to the couple for what happened to their dog and offered to cover Mowgli's vet bills, which Jessica say are expected to climb to at least $10,000 by this weekend.

The utility spokesman also tells FOX 4 they had about 1,000 workers restoring power that day and right now the company is still trying to determine if one of its utility workers or a contracted worker from out-of-state actually left the couple's gate open.

"We just felt helpless and frustrated because this is totally a preventable tragedy," said a devastated Jared Anderson.

"Yes, we are praying Mowgli gets a miracle. We just want him back home," said a somber Jessica Danon.