Year after losing cousin to heroin overdose, Gov. Greitens takes strides to crack down on crisis

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LIBERTY, Mo. -- Missouri's top dog was in town Friday and wants to crack down on the addiction crisis.

At the Clay County Courthouse Governor Eric Greitens released his plan to do that.

The governor spent the afternoon visiting the drug court, talking with judges, staffers and graduates about the state's opioid crisis. Specifically the impact drug courts have on addiction treatment and what more can be done to help.

"Part of the answer for what we need to do is right here in these drug courts," Gov. Greitens said. "They're taking a thoughtful, informed, clear approach to dealing with addiction and helping people to live productive lives and become tax paying citizens and productive members of the community again."

The governor says this is a topic that hits too close to home. He lost a cousin to a heroin overdose just last year.

The governor believes the first step to cracking down on the crisis is identifying doctors who are over-prescribing medications  such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. He then wants to either refer those doctors to law enforcement or better training.

"One of the things that happens too often is when parents have a kid who has an addiction problem, they're ashamed to go and get help," Gov. Greitens said. "A mother or a father or a veteran has an addiction problem, they're ashamed to go and get help. The fact is this problem is affecting our friends, our neighbors, is affecting people all over the state of Missouri."