Young British cancer patient debuts documentary chronicling journey in Kansas City

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Alex Goodwin, the 10-year-old boy who came to America for cancer treatment is getting ready to head back to England. Thursday, his family debuted the documentary chronicling "Alexander’s Journey" from the U.K. To K.U. Hospital.

The DVD has the Latin phrase “dum spiro spero” on the cover. It's become a rallying cry for thousands of his followers on Facebook and Twitter which means, "While I breathe I hope."

Alex captured the hearts of Kansas City from the moment he arrived on his plane from England and received a police escort to University of Kansas Cancer Research Center.

It's no surprise Alex arrived to the premiere of the documentary about his treatment to a throng of a waiting supporters.

“As soon as I heard his story it’s something I wanted to be a part of and meet him," Tim Grimes said.

Grimes was given six months to live and defeated stage-4 melanoma. He received a lot of support from Kansas City as well. He says he couldn’t imagine having Alex’s positive fighting spirit as a child.

“My life is very important and it’s all about being happy and staying strong and I hope to defeat this cancer one day," Alex says at the beginning of the documentary distributed by Arcanum Press. His family is also in the final stages of publishing a book by the same name.

Before he appeared on stage to a standing ovation to answer questions about the film, FOX 4 asked Alex what his story is about.

“It’s a place of wonder and love," he replied.

"It’s really about positivity, about triumphing over adversity and about the fact that Alex is a small boy who cares more about other people and cares more about animals than himself. He has basically won the hearts of literally thousands of people around the world and how Kansas has taken them into their arms and we are here," his father Jeff Goodwin explained.

During more than six months of treatments in Kansas City, thousands of loyal followers in England and elsewhere have enjoyed his almost daily posts on his progress.

“Hi everybody it’s Alex," he says at the beginning of every post.

Now Alex is cancer-free and going through physical therapy with a new bone in his leg that be lengthened as he grows.

“I kept telling him I’m proud of him, I don’t even know him but it’s just really cool to see what he’s going through and do it with such positivity and have fun and doing what he’s doing and beating the odds. It's awesome!" Grimes exclaimed.

Though he’s enjoyed being an online celebrity inspiring people worldwide, as he gets ready to head home to England Alex says, “I’d just like to be a normal kid and have a life.”

Alex will return to University of Kansas Cancer Research Center every three months for check-ups.