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Kansas City salon owners return to shop to assess damage, see what can be saved following flood

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local hair salon owner does not know if she will be able to rebuild after this week's flash flooding. Water came flooding into Genesis Salon on 103rd Street.

On Saturday, family members of the salon owner came to clean out the building and find what they could salvage. They pulled muddied chairs and shampoo bottles from the soggy floor and tried to clean them off.

"It came up and washed everything away, everything is gone, totally gone," said Clover Perez, whose daughter owns the hair salon.

She described the inside of the building to FOX 4.

"The ceiling is down and the wall is pushed in so I am kind of scared to go down there," she said.

Next door to the shop, a barber shop and nail salon are also destroyed.

The salon owners said their insurance will not cover the flood damage so they are not sure if they will be able to rebuild. They said if they do it will not be at the same location.

"I am glad that nobody got hurt and nobody was in there so that's a good thing," said Perez. "God got our back so it is okay."