Family trapped on runaway horse carriage in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS -- A horse carriage ride went awry for one family.

"Oh my God. There's a baby on there," one witness said as he recorded the scene.

They were enjoying a carriage ride in downtown St. Louis when the horse took off. A man was able to jump off with a baby, but a woman and her little girl were still trapped in the carriage.

Witnesses were stunned, unsure how to help the family.

"I got a bad back, but what I was going to do was try to run out in front of the horse but he was galloping so hard, I said 'no, I'm already messed up! It would mess me up even worse.' I didn't know what to do," one witness said.

The horse eventually crashed in to a truck. The family members have a few cuts and bruises, but it appears they'll be okay.

KC residents may recall a similar scene on the plaza last December.

A horse took off and crashed into a bridge railing at Ward Parkway and Broadway. Following the crash, there was a push to get rid of the horse-drawn carriages, but those rides are still being offered on the plaza.