Iowa mother gives warning after baby breaks out with cold sores

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A mother is warning others about the dangers of cold sores after her child came down with a case of herpes.

The person who spread the virus to the little boy likely didn't even realize he or she did it.

Juliano is now being treated at a children's hospital in Des Moines. He has cold sores all over his face.

Juliano's mother is warning others to be careful.

"All I can say is just be cautious. It can be anybody: your best friend, your sister, your brother, or your mom. It can be anybody. Everybody needs to wash their hands. Sanitize if you see a cold sore or anything on them. Just don't let them come by your baby," said Samantha Rodgers.

Earlier this month, a baby died in Des Moines after contracting meningitis HSV1.

It was caused by the herpes virus, the same one that causes cold sores. Someone with the virus touched or kissed Mariana, inadvertently transferring the virus.