Make Long-Bell Pizza Co.’s pineapple chicken zing & mushroom bacon swiss burger

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- July is National Grilling Month, so FOX 4 fired up the grill for the last day of the month with Lee's Summit's Long-Bell Pizza Company to make a tropical chicken sandwich and loaded burger.

Pineapple chicken zing


2 oz house made Asian sauce for marinating
1 oz house made asian sauce for topping
1 slice pineapple
2 slices swiss cheese
1 6oz chicken breast
1 oz mayo
1 oz red onion
1 burger bun


Marinate the chicken breast with the asian sauce.
Grill chicken
Top with pineapple and swiss cheese to melt
Toast bun. put mayo and onion on bottom bun.
Top with chicken/pineapple/swiss
Drizzle with Asian sauce
Add top bun

Mushroom bacon swiss burger


1 oz roasted garlic thyme aioli
2 oz beer braised mushrooms
2 slices swiss
2 beef patties
2 slices bacon
1 burger bun


Season and grill patties
Sop with mushrooms and swiss cheese
Toast bun, ad aioli to bottom and top bun
Top burger with bacon
Place on bun


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