Metro man with long history of conning customers by selling bad auto parts is put behind bars

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wes Emert is 78 years old and karma has finally caught up with him. Last Friday he was sentenced to four years behind bars for each of three felony counts of defrauding customers by selling bad motors and transmissions.

It’s a con that FOX 4 Problem Solvers has been warning viewers about for years. In 2010, Problem Solvers spoke to Billy Williams who paid Emert $1,100 for what turned out to be a bad engine. Williams couldn’t get Emert to even return his phone calls even though the engine came with a supposed warranty.

So Problem Solvers got on the phone. Emert told us he had a new engine that he would happy to give to Williams. So we asked when we could pick up that engine, instead of answering us, Emert hung up the phone.

So it always seemed to go every time we tried to talk to Emert about the multitude of complaints we’d received from his customers. That’s why FOX 4 Problem Solvers started shining a spotlight on Emert’s shady business practices. We even put him in our Hall of Shame.

Not long after that, the Missouri Attorney General’s office got a court order banning Emert from doing business in the state. But that ruling barely slowed Emert down.

He kept changing the name of his business (Wolverine Auto Supply, City Wide Auto, Wolverine Empire) and his location apparently hoping the Attorney General’s office wouldn’t notice.

But it did. Earlier this year, Emert was found guilty of defrauding people by selling them bad engines and transmissions and refusing to give them a refund.

On Friday, a judge finally put Emert behind bars. He got four years on each of three felony charges, but be warned, Emert could be out as early as November.