Neighbor says police aren’t doing enough to prevent break-ins

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Crime hits close to home for a woman living in south Kansas city. She said she doesn't feel like police are doing enough to keep her neighborhood safe.

But the department and officers sworn to serve and protect said they constantly make changes to stay ahead of the bad guys.

Ebony Robinson said crime is moving into her neighborhood and doesn't feel like the police department is taking her complaints seriously.

“We're being robbed every day in my neighborhood and the police are doing nothing about it,” said Robinson.

Robinson says she`s trying to bring attention to what she says is a jump in crime in her neighborhood.

All around my neighborhood every day, and within a few miles of me, a house is being robbed during the day while we're at work.

Kansas City's police department says that crimes like these are up across the metro -- not just in Robinson’s neighborhood.

The department said more police now patrol the neighborhoods that have the highest spike in crime. Robinson said after someone broke into her home in 2015, she subscribed to an online crime tracker to keep an eye on what's happening close to home. That’s something police encourage.

Officers ask you to look out for your neighbors, and if you see something, call police. Robinson argues that's what she's doing.

“I've just been keeping on top of them, and this last conversation with the detective, I'm just not getting anywhere,” Robinson added.

She said most of these crimes are happening while everyone is at work. She said the thieves watch when homeowners come and go.

The police department said it has as many officers on the streets as possible and that it also has a community interaction officer assigned to south patrol to work with people on complaints such as Robinson’s.

Police are also asking you to help them out a little. Make sure your windows and doors are locked, and that your garage door is closed. The police department said there's also been an increase in crimes where thieves have been able to simply open a door and walk inside.