Royals superfan creates another anthem just in time for postseason push

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As the Royals look to return to the playoffs, one the team’s super fans created yet another ode to the boys in blue. Josh Weinstock is the guy behind the Johnny Cueto song that went viral in 2015, the rally mantis tribute song, and “Yost Season” to name a few.

Now it’s all about "keeping the line moving." There are Royals fans, and then there’s Weinstock.

“I’ve always watched them ever since I was a little kid,” said Weinstock.

He was born in 1985, the last year the Royals won the World Series prior to 2015. While some fans cheer and chant, Weinstock takes it a step further. He has now written about a dozen Kansas City sports-related song, and most of them are about the Royals.

The latest is “Keep The Line Moving Kansas City” is named after a popular Royals catch phrase adopted in 2015.

“It just refers to Royals making a way to win any way that they can figure it out. Sometimes it’s small ball. Sometimes it’s home runs. Sometimes it’s whatever,” said Weinstock.

The latest video features animals in wigs, singing to the beat.

It’s an idea that came from Weinstock’s day job working for an association of veterinary licensing board.

“We use that kind of stuff in marketing for my normal job, so it’s stuff that people enjoy,” said Weinstock.

While Weinstock knows his songs aren’t for everybody.... “People either hate these videos or they love these videos. There’s not usually an in between,” he said.

He hopes those who do like his work will be inspired or that this latest song precedes another mayor Royals victory.

“Unfinished business was at the beginning of the 2015 because we didn’t win the 2014, and it worked. We won the World Series,” he said.

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