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Residents near Indian Creek still in a mess, hope they’re spared next round of flooding

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With flooding in the forecast this weekend, residents and businesses along Indian Creek are worried this will be round two, even as they’re still picking up the pieces from the first round.

“Yeah, I`m horribly concerned about it, because I`m still just cleaning up,” says Cassandra Risso-Vogler, who has lived in her home for seven years.

She says the recent storms and floods completely destroyed the ground floor of her home.

“Just this wall of water just came in, I mean, I thought oh no! It`s going in the pool, it casted and then just covered everything…I mean, plants, everything just moved, my furniture…and it`s heavy furniture…I`m like oh my god, everybody`s got to get up! Get up!” Risso-Vogler adds.

She hired a company for repairs and restoration and they’ve been here for days, for hours a day.

“There were, I think, 46 fans running, because they had to cut out three or four feet up on every single wall…and take out cabinets, everything…gone.

You feel displaced, everything is upstairs…there`s no place to go,” Risso-Vogler says.

She describes the amount of water from Indian Creek that rose up into her home as “biblical” and unprecedented.

“The water line was up about 8 inches above the wood,” adds Risso-Vogler.

She shot a video of the water rising from last week, creeping closer and closer to her home.

“I don’t ever want to go through this again,” she says, “And if it gets wet again, and swells again, the things that I could save, they`re going to have to go up another two feet, and I can tell you, insurance will only pay so much.”

She says luckily they do have flood insurance, but it doesn’t cover everything that got destroyed– like their pool…and the damage will cost them a pretty penny.

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars,” says Risso-Vogler.

Now she’s just praying things don’t get any worse.

“So what do you do? Go with holes in your walls because you can`t afford to fix it? I don`t know, we`ll just take it as it comes… I can`t think about that right now…I really can`t,” she says.

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