Baylor Athletic Director races robotic tackling dummy and fails hilariously

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WACO, Texas — While humanity’s inevitable war with the machines draws ever nearer, it appears Baylor University’s Athletic Director of Football Operations Sean Padden has accepted an early challenge against the bots, and the results were… mixed.

Padden challenged a robotic tackling dummy to an old-fashioned foot race.

In a video posted to Twitter, Padden and the machine took their places at the starting line and dashed to the endzone inside a practice facility while his team cheered him on. Padden emerged victorious, but the machine did not take defeat lying down. Mankind’s victory was short-lived.

Before Padden could even celebrate his win, the dummy charged into him full force, knocking him flat on the ground, to the team’s uproarious laughter.

Padden, however, offered these words of defiance, and issued a warning for the rest of us carbon-based life forms.

“I just want to say that it was man versus machine, and I think back to Sarah Connor versus the Terminator, and I did it for humanity,” Padden said. “That’s a warning out there, because the machines aren’t gonna fight fair.”

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