Joe’s Weather Blog: The curious dryness to our north (barely) (MON-8/7)

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We are two weeks away from the eclipse…imagine a day like yesterday where there were clouds all day long essentially and lo and behold when eclipse time comes (around 1:09 PM or so) it’s just cloudy and gray with few, if any, breaks in the clouds…it’s would be just awful. You’d have thousands of folks trying to drive anywhere around N/NW MO looking for sunshine…1:12 PM would come along…and that would be it…totality would be over and something that is a once in a lifetime occurrence for KC would be over with with nothing really to show for it locally. It could happen…that’s why I’m telling people that we really won’t know (or have a lot of confidence in) what’s going to happen till the day before or the morning of depending on the weather situation and scenario. All this below average weather that should linger for the next 10 days has me somewhat concerned about “weird” things happening towards the eclipse date. Let’s hope, in a sense, that the weather gets back to normal…so that things smooth out a bit with the cloud cover situation on a daily basis.

That’s why I sent this tweet out yesterday…


Today: Variable clouds with perhaps a random stray shower out there somewhere…highs well into the 70s to near 80°

Tonight: Another night with fair skies and pleasant lows (for August). Some morning fog is possible Tuesday with lows in the 60s

Tuesday: Partly cloudy and slightly warmer with highs around 80° or into the lower 80s with enough sunshine

Wednesday: We may start sunny, but clouds move in and there’s a pretty decent chance of some rain in the region later in the day or Wednesday night. Highs around 80° again.


Short blog today…since I was going to take a “blog day off” but crunched some numbers yesterday evening about something that I found interesting.

We all know how wet it’s been for the last few weeks. A series of powerful thunderstorms have raked the area with high winds and flooding rainfall. Damage has tallied in the millions of dollars I’m sure. Rain fall amounts have exceeded 15″ in some places in the last 10 days or so…pretty amazing.

Take a look at how much rain the area has seen in the last 14 days…these are estimates but I think you can sort of make out where much of the area stands…

Last 14 days of rain

Now look at the last 30 days…

Finally the last 60 days…

Now if you’re from the KC area or SEwards…you’re saying “dang has it been wet”! If so…you’d be right. Since June 1st KCI has had close to 13.6″ of rain. Downtown has had around 17.6″ and Olathe and Lee’s Summit have had close to 18.4″…pretty wet in the scheme of things…

Since KCI is the “official weather station for KC…take a look and see how this ranks (6/1>today) in terms of rain accumulations over the course of 100+ years.

So “officially” this is the 23rd wettest. Granted the “official” station has bounced around from Downtown KC to the northland in that time frame…but official is official.

So that’s interesting I guess…but it’s not the reason why I decided to write a blog today when I wasn’t planning on doing so…this is the reason.

Look harder at the maps above…notice a “strange” area not too far north of KC…as a matter of fact, as the crow flies, some 48 miles or so…

Notice the “dryness” up there in the St Joseph area…not only in the last 2 weeks…or the last month…even into the last 2 months. Off all the times that we got blasted in the KC area with torrential rains…St Joseph…not so much mostly.

Since 6/1 St Joseph, MO has had “only” 4.7″ of rain…almost 10″ less than KCI Airport…some 30 miles away…and some 14″ or so less that the I-70 and south corridor!

To me that was fascinating…if we break it down even farther look where St Joseph ranks…in terms of the DRIEST 6/1>8/7 time frames…

Yup that’s the 13th DRIEST! So we go from the 23rd WETTEST to the 13th DRIEST in a span of some 30 miles!

Rainfall patterns over the summer months can do this…but even this is a bit of a stunner in my weather mind…for there to be such a dichotomy to the rainfall tallies from one place to another!

Our feature photo is from the other night…out in KCK from Jesse Lopez…


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