Henry County releases dispatch recording of moments after Clinton, Mo., officer was killed in traffic stop

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CLINTON, Mo. -- Henry County released  the dispatch recording of the moments after officer Gary Michael was killed during a traffic stop in Clinton, Mo.

Officer Gary Michael

You can listen to the full recording in the video player above or you can read through the transcript below:

“J21 status, 321 status check, Clinton car, 21 is not moving, his vehicle is still parked. (I believe we have shots fired, shots fired. Contact county and state.) Attention all county units, possible officer involved shooting. 100 block East Green. 100 block East Green. A black SUV fled from the scene. A black SUV fled from the scene."

"What way did they go?"

“Shots fired! Officer down! Officer down! I repeat officer down!"

"The vehicle is wrecked at 301 West Green."

“Golden Valley EMS, need your response to 100 block of east Green. 100 block of East Green. I have an officer shot. An officer shot. 100 block of East Green.”

“Central, do you have a description?”

“Could you check on the helicopter please?”

“Plate info – I’ve got a silver SUV right in front of me.”

“Cars I have a SUV that 1050’d at 100 and Green.”


“Get an ambulance here immediately. Immediately!”

“Can you check on life flight?”


“Do you have anything further on this vehicle description?”

“The vehicle I saw in the traffic stop was a black SUV, looked to be four-door. The vehicle that’s 1050 at 1 and Green is a black Blazer.”

"Get life flight on standby!"

“Registration, Mary Kate nine, zero, 2, Henry.  Mary Kate Nine Zero Henry. One armed subject running from the scene.”

“Again, on foot, running east from our location.”

“Central, if there’s any possible way we could get enough units to set up a perimeter again. We have the vehicle last known location east of us, he’s headed back to the other officers. We’ll get a K9 on scene.”

As of Tuesday at 9 a.m., officers are still looking for 39-year-old Ian McCarthy, the man charged with officer Michael's death. Call 911 immediately if you see him.

Ian McCarthy