Historic flood damage leaves business owners at 103rd & Wornall unable to reopen in same location

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two weeks after getting trapped by floods in his own restaurant, the owners of Coach's Bar & Grill has said he's been told he can't reopen the popular restaurant in the same building it's been in for 30 years.

Rains and historic flooding from Indian Creek a couple of weeks back caused major damage to Coach's and other shops in the strip center where it's located off 103rd & Wornall Road.

Owner Brian Darby said the landlord at Jacobs Property told him she is not rebuilding. He said the news was like a kick in the gut.

"It wasn't our decision. The landlord decided not to rebuild the building. The damage was just too great and they won't be able to fix the building," he said.

Darby also said the news is devastating for neighboring business owners: "A lot of these tenants, most of them, they're all small businesses so they gave everything they had to open up and then some weren't able to get flood insurance or a lot of people don't have enough. They're starting over, and they're going to be in debt."

When asked if the landlord would comment, a man with Jacobs Property told FOX 4 she "absolutely did not" want to make a statement.

Darby said he is looking for a new, perfect location for Coach's, hopefully somewhere off 103rd, and he's keeping the same employees.