Surveillance video shows moments before traffic stop turned deadly

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CLINTON, Mo. -- Law enforcement officers from around the region continue to search for a man charged with killing a police officer.

We're learning a little bit more about the last moments of Officer Gary Michael as the manhunt for 39-year-old Ian McCarthy continues.

Surveillance video from the Phillips 66 convenience store at 2nd & Green streets shows Michael pulling over McCarthy's Dodge Nitro Sunday night at about 10:45 p.m.

Investigators believe McCarthy got out his SUV with a gun drawn at the same time Michael was getting out of his patrol car.

Troopers believe McCarthy was armed with a high powered rifle because two shots penetrated Michael's kevlar vest.

An audio recording of police dispatches shows just how quickly events transpired.

Michael managed to return fire, but detectives don't know if he hit McCarthy.

Investigators report finding a .223 rifle shell casing inside McCarthy's vehicle after it crashed a few blocks away.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is continuing to coordinate the investigation.